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Build vocabulary

Building vocabulary is fun, easy, and essential.   Learn a lot of words.

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  • Forgetting new words many many times is part of the learning process, but hearing them significantly improves retention.

    A substantial vocabulary (seventy-five words or more) is required to even begin realizing serious growth.  This is hard to achieve without a talking dictionary integrated with a listing strategy.
  • The other disciplines grow within the context of arranging words.  Think of vocabulary as fuel.

Combine Words

Form word pairs with your growing vocabulary, and then pairs of pairs.

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  • Study materials are designed to reveal tips and accelerate critical observations that would normally take many years to attain.

    These insights provide the advantages that having a Spanish speaking friend would offer.
  • This strategy for accelerated growth and the talking dictionary both provide benefits that would normally require massive personal attention.

Learn the Rules

Sentence construction powers big growth.

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  • There are a finite number of grammar concepts to be covered.  These are presented in the In-Depth study section available here.

    Clear explanation together with auido example make this an interesting and quick study.
  • Direct attention to these 3 disciplines frequently and interactively to build strenght naturally and maximize growth.

English Platforms

Making a tool to teach something as tremendously complicated (not to mention important) as a language, merits a custom development for each language.

To create effective English learning tools, the challenge is to reveal insights and critical observations about English, written in the student's primary language.

These are insights that would normally take years to stumble upon.

The content developers who would be most adept at this task, and know precisely where the stumbling blocks lie, are those who have learned English as a second language.

We have team members that would be a perfect match to develop English platforms from both Spanish and Vietnamese.  These tools would be radically more effective than anything currently available.


The effectiveness demonstrated by the Spanish app (accessable by clicking 'The App'  at the left)   supports the idea of solutions tailored to each individual language.

Educators looking to provide tools for teaching English can investigate this platform with an eye toward how the lesson materials can be reconfigured to provide the same high level of engagement to English language students, written in the student's primary language.