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Build vocabulary

Building vocabulary is fun, easy, and essential.   Learn a lot of words.

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  • Forgetting new words many many times is part of the learning process, but hearing them significantly improves retention.

    A substantial vocabulary (seventy-five words or more) is required to even begin realizing serious growth.  This is impossible to achieve without a talking dictionary integrated with a listing strategy.
  • The other disciplines grow within the context of arranging words.  Think of vocabulary as fuel.

Combine Words

Form word pairs with your growing vocabulary, and then pairs of pairs.

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  • Study materials are designed to reveal tips and accelerate critical observations that would normally take many years to attain.

    These insights provide the advantages that having a Spanish speaking friend would offer.
  • This strategy for accelerated growth and the talking dictionary both provide benefits that would normally require massive personal attention.

Learn the Rules

Sentence construction powers big growth.

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  • There are a finite number of grammar concepts to be covered.  These are presented in the In-Depth study section available here.

    Clear explanation together with auido example make this an interesting and quick study.
  • Direct attention to these 3 disciplines frequently and interactively to build strenght naturally and maximize growth.

The Human Brain and Language

The neurological connections necessary for extraordinary language acquisition are very temporary in the human brain.

At roughly the age of six years, the brain begins to realign itself to enable other capabilities such as logical reasoning and long-term memory.

By adolescence we are no longer wired for language learning.  At this point we have to learn a language with text at the same time we learn it audibly.

A visual reference is now needed to recall such large quantities of complex data.  This is because our brains have changed structurally.

Our mastery of the textual form outpaces our progress with audio, and acts as a necessary reminder as we work to bring our speaking and listening skills to full development.


This has an up-side.

With some dedication, competence reading and writing  French or Spanish can be achieved in a matter of several months.

It is a very attainable short-term goal.  Yet it's nearly impossible to overstate the benefits of textual functionality with a new language.  It is a prerequisite to full fluency that is tremendously useful.

Progress toward full fluency then accelerates.

The three disciplines  listed at the left are necessary for effective language learning.    See  more >>   for each to find out how they interact with and support each other.