Below is a visual of the achievable  Learn English from Spanish app,  which will provide
the same functionality as the  Spanish from English  app  accessible here.

This platform will be perfect for older students (middle school forward)  since it is necessary to
be able to read ones primary language.

We just need a little help in the way of a sponsor.   This will be a great resourse for many people.

This platform is under development by our team here,  Development.

A great deal of ground work for this platform has already been addressed while
making the Learn Spanish platform.

For instance the textual component of the talking dictionary is already complete.
Recording the individual words in English and formating this data to be compatible
with the platform is one of the larger remaining tasks.

The above image is an approximation of the visual for this platform.  Each language
has its own unique characteristics that require adaption by our development team.

For instance English does not have the concept of Genders to the same degree as
Spanish, and would be covered to a much smaller extent, confined more to logical